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Audible Only Intruder Alarm. A basic level of protection.


Audible Intruder Alarm with communication. Automatic intruder notification.


Intruder Alarm Remote Monitoring. 24hr System Remote Monitoring. 



Halifax Security Technologies can take over the maintenance of any existing security system regardless of age, brand or original installer. We can adapt and enhance your current system to suit your needs, be that with additional detection, or adding communication.


On a daily basis we receive calls from customers asking if we can take over the maintenance service or remote monitoring contract on their existing intruder alarm system. Reasons for wanting to transfer to us include:​

  • Poor customer service from their existing provider.

  • The original installer of the system has gone out of business.

  • Costly call out and service costs.

  • The existing provider cannot fix the problem.

  • There is no record of who installed the system.


With over 40 years of experience, we can take over the servicing and maintenance responsibilities of pretty much every alarm system there is – whether we installed it in the first place or not.


We are able to carry out upgrades to all makes and models of intruder alarm systems. Upgrading your existing system is very easy and can normally be completed within a day, whether it is a simple system expansion into a new extension or the replacement of your control panel and keypad to a more modern technology.

One of the most sought after upgrades is the addition of a Speech Dialler connected to your phone line via your alarm system which enables your alarm to contact you in the event of an activation.


We will respond to all faults whether your system was originally installed by us or not. Our engineers are experienced in all types of system and it is very rare that we cannot fix your fault. In the event of the system is irreparable and we are forced to condemn the equipment, recommendations will be given.

If you have a fault with your home alarm system out of office hours, we have engineers on standby 24hrs a day offering support be it on site or over the telephone. If we cannot assist you over the telephone we will aim to be on site within 4hrs of receiving your call. Our Maintenance Contract customers do take priority with our 24hr emergency call system however we will do our best to solve any problem that you have, as quickly as possible.

Please call 0800 328 9146 and you will be directed to the appropriate service.


If you have a fault with your system or are interested in appointing us as your security provider. Please fill in the call back form below and we will look forward speaking with you.

Thanks! Message sent.

If you have any questions or queries or you think that we can help in some way then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0800 328 9146. Alternatively come and see us, our office hours are 08.00 - 17.00 and our team are always here to help.

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