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What does it all mean? What is the best? What's right for me and my home.


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Are you looking for a reliable HD CCTV security system for your home or business, installed by an NSI Gold Approved security installer that provides 24/7 service cover?

2 Mega Pixel, 5 Mega Pixel, 8 Mega Pixel/4K/UHD What does it all mean and what is the future of video technology?

The days of 2 Mega Pixel CCTV systems is now long gone, with the technology superseded by 5 Mega Pixel and 8 Mega Pixel, otherwise known as UltraHD or 4K CCTV


As some of you may know, well known manufacturers have been producing UltraHD or 4K TV’s for some time, but what does it actually mean? 4K (8 Mega Pixel/UltraHD) is a new higher resolution imaging technology, it’s called 4K because it provides a resolution of 4096 x 2160. This is 4 times the resolution of traditional 1080p (1920 x 1080). This means that you can get 4 times the detail on your screen. Some manufacturers have been calling this technology UltraHD or UHD. UltraHD is actually a slightly different resolution which works at 3840 x 2160, sometimes it is also known as 2160p. Think of 4K or UltraHD like we did when Full HD or 1080p was launched, it is a much higher quality video format that will allow much greater detail.


How does 4K/UHD Compare to Full HD 1080p & standard definition?


4K/UHD is often called 8 MegaPixel or 8MP as this is how may actual pixels are in the image. 1080p or Full HD is only 2 MegaPixel, this gives you a lot less detail when images are compared side by side.


What does it mean for CCTV?


4K CCTV is now becoming the most common choice due to its new availability. This has mainly been down to storage constraints. 4K footage uses a lot of hard drive capacity, this made systems very expensive when you factored in needing more than 8 terabytes of hard drive capacity for even 2 cameras. New technologies have emerged that have compressed the footage to a much more sensible level, now manufacturers are able to offer 4K recording solutions for 4 and even 8 cameras without needing huge storage. With the advent of 4K CCTV we will now see a big shift in how cameras could be positioned, with higher resolution you may not need 4 cameras to cover the front of your building, for example. UHD will also open up much greater ANPR (Automatic Number Plate recognition) facial detection and even remote zoom options.


Why would I want a 4K CCTV System?

If you already own a shiny new 4K UltraHD TV or monitor then you already have all the technology you would need to benefit from the higher image quality. So from a perspective of pure quality then 4K CCTV will be excellent. However, this would not be the main reason for making the jump to 4K in our opinion. We think that the main benefit of 4K is lowering the total number of cameras you would need. Let’s take a look at a basic home camera setup, usually you would put 1 camera on each corner of the house. With a 4K system you might only put 1 camera on the front and one camera on the rear.


Halifax Security Technologies

1: 4 CIF (704×576) 2: SVGA (800×600) 3: HDTV 720p (1280×720) 4: HDTV 1080p (1920×1080) 5: 3 MP (2048×1536) 6: 5 MP (2592×1944) 7: 4K (3840×2160)


If you feel that a HD CCTV system would suit your home or business, then the next step would be to arrange for one of our expert surveyors to visit you at home in order to assess the property. If this is something that you are interested in, then please submit your details via the form below and our customer service team will be in touch very shorty to confirm a date & time.

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Halifax Security Technologies

With the technological advances in number plate recognition cameras, and supporting hardware and software, ANPR HD camera systems are being increasingly used in other areas of security and traffic management.

If you think that your home or business premises would benefit from ANPR Number Plate Recognition Camera Technology then click below .

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